Communication in Enterprise sales environment
Creating a proactive sales funnel process
Overcoming decision paralysis in Enterprise sales

Managing enterprise sales at international stage
Hurrying up the decision making in Enterprise sales

India’s First conference covering all the critical elements of enterprise sales management

12th February 2020 – Mumbai
Are You Ready To Be A Rainmaker

What Enterprise sales is all about

In Enterprise sales you are dealing with 'Busy People' who have many pressing issues. They cannot makes sense of massive amount of data for which they cannot see an immediate need for.

Decision Paralysis

Buying Enterprise solutions, such as enterprise software or manufacturing equipment, is never been easy. With a wealth of data on any solution, a raft of stakeholders involved in each purchase, and an ever-expanding array of options, more and more deals bog down or come to a full stop. Customers at times feels increasingly overwhelmed and often more paralyzed than empowered.

Vendor Stickiness

Clients do not want to be sold to. They do not want to switch vendors. It upsets an applecart. The time to empanel and start from ground zero can be on other mission critical projects. The cost offering can also be negotiated with the current vendor, who are happy to meet up rather than loose business

Dealing with pre and post-purchase anxiety in Enterprise sales

Buyer’s anxiety is the hesitation you feel when thinking about purchasing a big-ticket product. Especially in B2B, sales reps need to constantly monitor and appease prospects’ emotions to get the deal done.

Where is the business?

Dhanda kidhar hai - where is the business is the constant rattle from those on the top especially since there is an undemonstrated or highly risky pipeline in a Enterprise sales environment - where a quarter to close will be a bit too late.

We have a tendency to move around slowly here

What Enterprise sales head often hear and have to deal with Join us to interact with India's leading companies as they share their experience on how they are listening, learning and leading at pace to transform their Enterprise sales process. The conference format, flow and agenda offer you valuable insight to help change mind-set’s and unleash your creativity in not only up scaling your Enterprise sales process, but making a tremendous difference in how you can close those difficult deals - faster.

Thought Leaders

Abhishek Das

VP - Technology & Digital Risk, Cyber Security, RPA advisory Services


Akash Sachan

National Segment Leader


Amit Gupta

SVP & National head - Institutional Business

SBI Mutual Fund

Amit Roy


PWC India

Anshul Pandita

Account Director - Global Enterprise

Vodafone Idea limited

Atul Mehta

SVP & Head of Sales


Bibhor Srivastava

Group Publishing Director

ITP India

Dhananjay Gavade

Client Relationship Director


Gaurav Arora

Head - Enterprise Business - Sales and Marketing

Reliance Jio

Kartik Poddar

SVP & Business Head


Krishna Gopal

Head - Enterprise Business Solutions & Global Alliances

Tech Mahindra

Krishnakumar Ramanathan

VP & Head of Sales - Transmission Products

Siemens Limited

Prasenjit Roy

Senior executive VP & Chief marketing officer

NTT - Netmagic

Ravindra Saigal

Senior Director - Financial Services


Ravindra Soni

Director - Sales


Viplav Shah

Head - SCV Sales & Marketing

Ashok Leyland

Vinay Rohira

National Head - Corporate Sales and Marketing Activation's

Godrej Properties


Head - Learning & leadership development, employee engagement

Grey Orange

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identifying the true decision makers in the organization.
  2. Dealing with decision paralysis by understanding the perspective of a CFO.
  3. Keeping your sales funnel proactive when the solution seeker is in the proactive stage.
  4. Managing international Enterprise sales environment with regards to best practices & international regions.
  5. Creating a new communication strategy with help of visual & analytical tools.

Who Should Attend?

Pricing Details

Till 7 January 2020

1 Delegate - Rs. 10,000 + Taxes

3 Delegate - Rs. 25,000 + Taxes

5 Delegate - Rs. 40,000 + Taxes


1 Delegate - Rs. 12,500 + Taxes

3 Delegate - Rs. 30,000 + Taxes

5 Delegate - Rs. 45,000 + Taxes


Rs. 5,000 + Taxes




Testimonials from our Sales Force Management Summit 2018

1) Very Knowledgeable Speakers
2) Good Venue & arrangement
3) Diversified set of speakers with respect to their backgrounds,experience

- Piyush Bhatheja

"We were exposed to various organisation involved in providing technological solutions or tools to manage marketing activities"

- Anand Kumar
MG Partner, Strategic Marketing & Research team

"Well Organised summit with good Time control & interesting Speakers"

- Shyam Idnani

Sterling Stants

"The summit has Helped to expands our Avenues & thoughts about the sales function"

- Sarath Krishnan
Sales Director
Ferrero India Pvt. Ltd.

"Enhancing & knowledgefull sessions"

- Debajyoti Mishra
BD Manager
Mahindra Susten